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elearnio is the first choice for interactive mandatory training

Increase participation and completion rates

Simple knowledge verification

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Full control & traceability

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Increase in participation
and completion rates

With a wide range of interactive course elements, you can design your courses to increase participation and completion rates. Train your employees independent of location and time.

Simple verification of knowledge level

Especially when it comes to mandatory training, it is important that employees internalize the content. Integrated knowledge examinations enable employees to check their own knowledge and show managers any need for action.

Content To-Go

No time to create your own courses? No problem!

Our free, customizable courses on the topics of GDPR, occupational safety and mobile working provide you with ready-made content on request, starting on day 1, without any extra time investment.

You can also benefit from numerous partnerships with external providers to standardize relevant compliance topics in your company.

Full control & traceability

Using course repetitions, you ensure that recurring mandatory training is automatically reassigned at the intervals you define. In the reports, you always keep track of your employees' progress and can access their certificates of attendance with one click.

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Additional resources

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This digital training course prepares your sales staff perfectly for their tasks. Train the basics such as cold calling, time management and objection handling easily in a digital course.
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