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Didactic consulting

Based on our years of experience from more than 680 developed learning concepts for employee training and development, our consulting approach supports companies in creating a more sustainable and interactive digital learning environment.

Our approach: 
Structuring the educational content
Learning path conception
Supplying templates
Collaborative creation of courses
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The challenge

89% of new employees who resign during their probationary period do so as a result of unstructured onboarding. The cost of this is carried by you as the company.
Are you caught in the cycle of human resource shortages and the pressures of digitizing learning content to quickly impact and develop new employees in the organization?
Are you wondering how to establish or further improve your process related to preboarding, onboarding, and training?
Has the important process of onboarding been neglected at your company to the detriment of your employees and your employee retention?

The solution

Didactic consulting supports you in the implementation and expansion of your preboarding, onboarding and employee process. In cooperation with our experts, we develop customized methods, tools and concrete recommendations for action that enable you to exploit the full potential of employee retention through successful preboarding and onboarding.

Transform your employee learning experience with our support!

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Onboarding Workshop Overview

The following steps will be completed in the course of the workshop with the support of our experts:
Step 1 - Challenge the status quo
Step 2 - Potential analysis
Step 3 - Recommended actions
Step 4 - Project plan and milestones
Step 1 - Challenge the status quo

Regardless of whether you are still at the very beginning or already have an established onboarding process - the first step is to determine the status quo before the workshop. It will be important for us to identify your challenges and goals!
Step 2 - Analyze the potential

With the help of our experts, we analyze which goals and undiscovered potentials still exist in your onboarding process.
Step 3 - Recommendations for action

Individually tailored to your needs, we provide you with specific recommendations for action to implement your goal in an agile and simple manner.
Step 4 - Project plan and milestones
You will receive a detailed project plan including specific tasks for successful implementation. This ensures that you achieve your pre- and onboarding goals more easily. If required, we also provide you with long-term support.

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Implementing your onboarding goals will be easier and more focused with our mentoring.
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