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Starting your Talent Management with elearnio


You have chosen elearnio. Congratulations! We are pleased to welcome you!


We support you in setting up your workspace. If you already have content in another system, we will help you move the information.


You create your first courses or use our Concierge Service to create your courses and invite your colleagues to the workspace.


Within our Premium Support, a personal contact person is available to answer your questions.

This is how our customers are already successfully using elearnio for their talent management

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Logo der Firma Mister Spex GmbH

Clear view for Mister Spex thanks to elearnio

How can onboarding within the company be made more attractive and how can I train my employees at different locations in a uniform and sustainable manner? These two questions were the focus of the project at Mister Spex. Read now how the company found these appropriate answers to these questions with elearnio.

elearnio standardizes onboarding at Tourlane

As a fast-growing provider of personalized individual travel booking, Tourlane was faced with a massive challenge of training many new employees as quickly as possible. Read here to discover how Tourlane established a standardized, sustainable onboarding process with elearnio.

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We support you in your project

Personal contact person

We support you in the use of elearnio. Whether you have technical, methodological or didactic questions, our support team will be happy to assist you and help you with your talent management initiative. Within the scope of our Premium Support, a personal contact person is available to you. 

elearnio-Mitarbeiter unterstützt Sie bei Ihrem Talent Manament
Ein Mitarbeiter des Concierge Service hilft Unternehmen bei Ihrem Talent Management

Concierge Service

If you want to start your talent management quickly with elearnio, but don’t have the time to put together the content for your first courses yourself, you can optionally book our Concierge Service. Working with our Concierge Service is very easy. You send us the content (PDFs, videos, etc.) that you want us to include in the course and our experts will create the courses for you. With our Concierge Service you benefit from the didactic know-how of our experts as well as from an accelerated start.

Transition Service

Do you already have onboarding, preboarding or training content stored in another talent management or onboarding software? No problem! As part of our changeover service, we can help you to transfer your existing content and information to your elearnio workspace even if your content is stored in your intranet.

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In our FAQ you will find answers to questions that have been previously asked by other users. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please send us a message. We will gladly help you!

Talent Management with elearnio: Your advantages

Reduction of employee fluctuation by up to 50%

Stronger employee retention, even before the first day at work

Uniform onboarding for all locations and employees

Time saving for managers

Flexible onboarding times

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Selection of FAQ

We support you in getting started with elearnio. Our onboarding process includes creating your first courses, training your employees on the platform and creating users. Afterwards, you can get started!

Yes, you can create or adapt your own courses at any time. Our intuitive Content Creator allows you to create courses in various formats, such as videos, texts, etc..

During the first weeks, our Happy-Learner-Management takes a close look at how the courses are used, as well as the level of activeness by the users and gathers the feedback. In this way, we ensure that the courses are exciting, interactive and that their content is geared to your employees’ daily business. There are several other ways to determine whether your employees are using the system. Feel free to contact us!