Interactive learning for your employees


With elearnio you can optimize your preboarding, onboarding, employee training and 360-degree feedback in your company in one HR software. 

Ein neue Mitarbeiter der zuhause an seinem Computer sitzt und sein Onboarding durchläuft
Neuer Mitarbeiter im Preboarding am Tablet von zuhause


Start communicating with new employees as soon as the contract is signed and thus promote the early emotional bond with your company. Use interactive formats to provide your new employees with important information about the company, the culture and the team even before the first start. 


Offer your new employees an onboarding process that guides them through the probationary period and develops them perfectly into their role in the company. With integrated gaming modules and comprehension tests, you can quickly identify which topics the new employee still needs help with in order to successfully fulfil his or her role.

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Further development

Unleash the full potential of your employees and support them through active and individual development, appropriate to their role and level of knowledge. Simply define the appropriate training courses and invite your employees to participate. With elearnio your employees will enjoy learning again!


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360-degree feedback

Open and constructive feedback is a crucial pillar for the personal and individual development of employees. Structure your 360-degree feedback process directly in elearnio and integrate individual feedback from team colleagues into your employee evaluation system.

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