360-degree feedback for better performance

Build an open feedback culture with elearnio that supports your employees in their personal, goal-oriented development.

Active Talent Management

Develop your employees with an active talent management system and targeted feedback, enabling them to achieve their professional goals.

Learning oriented 360 degree feedback

With elearnio’s feedback module, you give your employees the opportunity to develop themselves further through learning-oriented feedback from their supervisors and colleagues.

Actively promote team culture

With the mutual feedback of the team members, you build up an open feedback culture in your teams, which further strengthens team cohesion.

Direct feedback for all roles

Whether managing director, supervisor or employee. With elearnio you can include all roles in your 360-degree feedback evaluations as desired.

The benefits of 360-degree feedback for active performance assessment

Mutual evaluations within teams, not only by superiors

Active promotion of the feedback culture

Targeted personal development

Uniform system of assessments

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Standardization of Onboarding at Tourlane

As a fast-growing provider of personalized individual travel booking, Tourlane was faced with the challenge of training many new employees as quickly as possible. Read here how Tourlane established a standardized, sustainable onboarding process with elearnio.

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