Structured onboarding for your new employees

Get your new employees up and running faster and reduce the time needed for training.

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Structure onboarding processes

Use the Easy Content Creator to easily create your courses in different formats and thus standardize the familiarization processes in your company.

Easy content sharing

Share the relevant courses with individual employees, teams or the entire company. Approved courses are digitally available anywhere.

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Appealing formats for easier learning

The wide range of interactive formats such as videos, quizzes and games allow you to make your courses attractive, so learning is fun again.

Reduced time to learn

Standardized processes save you valuable time when putting together individual training courses for each employee.

Individual courses per role

Decide per role which courses and content are relevant for the onboarding of your new employees and release them individually.

Use idle time

With elearnio, your employees can conduct the training themselves when they have the time. Fixed training times that influence work processes are a thing of the past.

Digital onboarding with elearnio:
The advantages at a glance

All content in digital courses

Flexible time management

Standardized onboarding across locations

More efficient onboarding for new employees

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