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Digital Preboarding

With our talent management software, you can start working with your new employees before the first day. Get in touch with the new employees as soon as the contract is signed and provide them with important information digitally. By doing this, new employees receive important knowledge remotely even before their first day and immediately build an emotional bond with your company and your colleagues. 

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Interactive Onboarding

Professional and individual onboarding is the basis for successful work for every employee. The faster employees are trained, the faster they can work independently. Your employees can use the intuitive onboarding software to complete the trainings & courses that have been put together for them at any time.

Individual employee training

Support your employees even after the onboarding phase! With elearnio, you can easily create courses, manage them and release these courses for your employees. Even necessary topics such as fire protection and data protection training can easily be brought into your company via elearnio and the level of knowledge can be checked.

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The Talent Management Software for all needs

Human Resources

Automate the onboarding, preboarding and development of new employees and save valuable time in your daily work!


Easy access to digital induction and training courses. With elearnio’s interactive formats, learning is fun again!

Managing Director

Increase employee loyalty and motivation and recognize the potential and talents of your employees as early as possible.

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Easy Content Editor

With elearnio the creation of new content is easier than ever. Our intuitive drag & drop content editor allows you to create and update content in various interactive formats quickly. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, finding the way around elearnio is as swift as ever. No training necessary for your employees!

Full control and security

elearnio fulfils all requirements of the EU data protection basic regulation and as a company and as software is data protection compliant according to EU-DSGVO. The data is stored on German servers in a computer centre in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In our Talent Management Software, you have full control over role and access rights.

Didactic Power & Personal Support

All in one: Intuitive talent management software for preboarding, onboarding & training as well as professional support in the didactic preparation of your content. With our premium support, we are personally available to answer your questions! Even if you have already documented your content in another system, our transfer service will assist you transfer your content to elearnio.

Largest selection of interactive formats

elearnio offers the largest selection of interactive training forms. Choose from more than 20 different formats and create interactive trainings that inspire and delight your employees. More fun while learning ultimately leads to knowledge that stays with the employees and the company.

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Differentiate yourself from other companies and create the perfect preboarding, onboarding and training for your employees!