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elearnio simplifies and accelerates the onboarding and development of your employees. Preboarding, onboarding and training on a single web-based platform. Making knowledge transfer fun!
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Why elearnio?

Our mission:

Simplify the onboarding and development of employees, making it more interactive and consequently more sustainable and efficient.
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Didactic consulting
Interactive learning
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Time savings & transparency

Simple. Interactive. Efficient.

The elearnio platform scores with its simple and modern user interface. Navigating the platform and completing the interactive trainings is very intuitive and comprehensible and fun!
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Individual advice for your needs

The better and more appropriate the methodology, the easier it is for employees to learn new content. Upon request, our experts can help you define learning objectives, structure learning content, and implement interactive learning methods.
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Largest selection of interactive formats

From the first day of work, courses and interactive formats tailored to the individual needs of your new starters ensure optimal and sustainable induction and further development of your employees.
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Benefit from our premium support

Every customer is assigned a personal contact person who is always happy to answer your questions. Whether technical questions, help with course creation, or didactic and methodological tips and tricks, our Customer Success Managers will help you personally with your request.
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Saves managers up to 70% of their time

Efficient pre- and onboarding as well as transparent, meaningful reporting via elearnio saves your managers valuable time and allows them to focus more on the people in the company.
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Digital knowledge transfer with elearnio

Elearnio simplifies and accelerates the onboarding and development of your employees. Preboarding, onboarding and training on a single web-based platform. Making knowledge transfer fun!
Pre- and Onboarding
Learning & Development
Compliance training
Partner and customer training

Appealing formats

Courses and interactive formats individually tailored to your new starters for optimal and sustainable induction and further development.

Personal bond

With elearnio, your new starters build up a positive emotional bond with your company from the moment they sign the contract and get to know the values, important people and initial processes.

Reduced time expenditure

Standardized processes save managers valuable time in putting together individual induction plans, allowing them to divide their time between other tasks.

Personal development

Use elearnio to provide individual training opportunities for your employees and thus actively promote structured professional development within your company.

Training in any place

With elearnio, approved training courses are digitally available everywhere. Your employees decide for themselves at what time of day and at what location they would like to complete their training.

Review of the level of knowledge

With the integrated success checks, you can see whether employees have understood the content and which topics need help.

Increase participation and completion rates

The wide range of interactive course elements allows you to design your courses in a way that guarantees increased participation and completion rates.

Content TO-GO

With our free, customizable courses, you'll have ready-made content at your fingertips from day 1 with no extra time required.

Full control & traceability

Use Course Repetitions to ensure that recurring mandatory instruction is automatically reassigned at the intervals you define.

Integrate external employees on a large scale

Create courses with your custom content to facilitate partner and customer onboarding and increase customer retention.

Increased product knowledge

Use customized learning paths and solid assessment tools to familiarize your partners and customers with your products and services.

Measure and certify

Track partner and customer activity in reports and create incentive systems with certifications and gamification.

Overview of all elearnio functions

Combine performance, engagement and interactive learning to create a productive work culture. elearnio provides you all the features you need.
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Starting your talent management with elearnio is easy


You´ve decided on elearnio. Congratulations, we are happy to have you on board!


We will support you in setting up your workspace. If you already have content on another system, we will help move the information.


You create your courses or use our concierge service and invite your employees to elearnio.


A personal contact person is available to answer your questions as part of our Premium Support.

See for yourself ?

Create the perfect preboarding, onboarding and training and take your employees to the next level!
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