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Our mission: Make employee onboarding and development easier, more interactive, and as a result, more sustainable and efficient.
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elearnio - Interactive Preboarding, Onboarding & Training

Structured initial and ongoing training are important drivers for the success and motivation of employees. Companies that actively support their employees in constantly learning new knowledge can build on the loyalty of their employees and the new knowledge in the long term.

elearnio provides you with the ideal foundation for successful preboarding, onboarding and training of your employees. We combine powerful web-based technology with didactic know-how and offer you with elearnio a comprehensive solution for interactive knowledge transfer.

Management Team

Jörn Köster

Co-Founder & CEO

Jörn Köster is responsible for finance and marketing at elearnio. Before co-founding elearnio, he worked as an executive and consultant for companies such as Aroundhome, Tourlane, PlusDental and Personio.

Lars Krüger

Co-Founder & CRO

Lars Krüger is head of Sales & Customer Success at elearnio. Before founding elearnio, he worked as an executive and trainer for digital companies such as Aroundhome, Enpal and Personio, among others.

Sascha Meissner

Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer, Sascha Meissner is responsible for the further development of the elearnio platform. Previously, he was CPO at Invia Group Germany and worked for companies such as Mister Spex and IBM.


Björn Sykora

Founder & Ex COO of Mister Spex

Björn Sykora is co-founder and former Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Mister Spex. In his last role at German Deep Tech Group, Björn actively supported numerous deep tech startups in scaling and executing funding rounds.

He is an active business angel in several technology companies.

André Neubauer

CTO of Trusted Shops

André has been shaping tech areas for more than 15 years, bringing technology and business together. He has worked for startups and corporations, from software development to leading tech divisions to digital transformation of companies.

André is Chief Technology Officer at eCommerce pioneer Trusted Shops, and works part-time as a technology consultant and advisor. He can be heard regularly as co-host of the podcast HMZE.

Our goal for elearnio

Based on our experience as managers during the onboarding of new employees, we quickly realized that existing solutions such as classic intranet systems quickly reach their limits. In addition, traditional onboarding always requires a lot of time from managers. The faster new employees are hired, the more time managers have to devote to onboarding. This time is then lacking in other areas.

We founded elearnio with the goal of helping companies professionally and sustainably establish their preboarding, onboarding & training, because it benefits both the employees and the company.

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Questions? Send us an email or give us a call. We are happy to help you.

Tel.: +49 (0)331 281 281 60

E-Mail: info@elearnio.com

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