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Digital pre- and onboarding for the successful start of new employees

Increase employee retention, productivity and reduce onboarding time through individualized pre- and onboarding.
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elearnio as a specialist for digital pre- and onboarding

89% of all new employees quit due to a lack of professional onboarding.
Pre- and onboarding is a crucial experience for every team member.

elearnio supports you as a specialist for digital pre- and onboarding from the very beginning.
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Why choose elearnio?

elearnio is the first choice for professional pre- and onboarding.

Personal connection

Engaging and interactive formats

Structured processes

Simple sharing of content

One of a kind content creator

Reduced time expenditure

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Individual and efficient pre- and onboarding

Establish a connection with your new employees from the moment they sign their contract with individual preboarding and reduce the time spent on onboarding by bringing your new employees on board faster and more efficiently.
Personal connection
Attractive formats
Structured onboarding processes
Simple sharing of content
Reduced time expenditure
Utilize unoccupied time
With elearnio, your new employees build a positive emotional bond with your company from the moment they sign their contract and learn about the company, its values, important people, as well as different processes. This way, they can already prepare for the new job from home and start their first day with a lot of joy and a good feeling.
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From the first day of work, courses and interactive formats individually tailored to your new employees ensure optimal and sustainable employee induction and further development.
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Easily create your courses in various interactive formats such as videos, quizzes and games with elearnio's versatile content creator to make your courses attractive and thus standardize the onboarding process in your company.
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Decide per role which courses and content are relevant for the induction of your new employees and share them individually.
Relevant courses can be shared with individual employees, teams or the entire company. The released courses are digitally available everywhere.
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With standardized processes, managers save valuable time in compiling the individual induction courses per employee and can thus concentrate on what is important: the people in the company.
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elearnio allows your employees to conduct training themselves, when they have the time. Fixed training times that influence workflows are a thing of the past.
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elearnio standardizes onboarding at Tourlane

As a fast-growing provider for booking personalized individual travel, Tourlane was faced with the challenge of onboarding many new employees as quickly as possible. Learn more about how Tourlane was able to establish a standardized, sustainable onboarding process with elearnio.
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