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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers.
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How do I access my current training content in elearnio?

We support you during your initial start with elearnio. Our onboarding process includes the creation of your first courses, the introduction of your employees to the platform and the creation of users. Then you are ready to go! If you don't have time to create the courses yourself, you can also book our concierge service as an option.

How do I ensure that my employees use the talent management software regularly?

In the first few weeks, our Happy Learner management team carefully monitors how the courses are used, how active the users are, and collects feedback. In this way, we ensure that the courses are exciting and interactive, and that their content is geared to your employees' day-to-day business. There are many additional ways you can determine if your employees are using the system. Feel free to contact us!

Can I try elearnio for free?

You can try elearnio for 14 days free of charge. Simply register here and start your talent management with elearnio.

Can I create or customize my own courses?

Yes, you can create or customize your courses yourself at any time. Our intuitive content creator allows you to create courses in various formats, such as videos, texts, etc....

Can I also use elearnio for team feedback?

Yes, elearnio also offers a module for 360-degree feedback. This allows you to build a feedback culture within your team and query the feedback with elearnio.

Do you offer other plans? 

Yes, if you have more than 500 users, we will help you find a solution tailored to your needs. Simply get in touch.

Is this investment even worth it?

Yes, from day one you and your managers save valuable time. You no longer have to explain everything to every new employee from scratch, but only answer their follow-up questions. With elearnio, your employee gets all the knowledge digitally and automated.

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