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360° feedback for the development of your employees

Establish an open feedback culture with a sound 360° feedback process that supports your employees in their personal, goal-oriented development.
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Why choose elearnio?

The benefits of 360° feedback Feedback for active performance assessment

Mutual evaluations within teams, not only by supervisors

Active promotion of feedback culture in your company

Targeted personal development for all employees

Uniform system for evaluations at all levels

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Active talent management

Develop your employees with an active talent management and feedback system. This will enable them to achieve their professional goals.

Learning-oriented feedback

elearnio's 360° Feedback gives your employees the opportunity to develop themselves through learning-oriented feedback from their supervisors and colleagues, and to reflect on themselves with the help of their self-assessment.

Establish a team culture

Build an open feedback culture with mutual feedback among team members. This also strengthens team cohesion.

360° Feedback for all roles

Managers, supervisors, or employees. With elearnio, you can consider all roles in your 360° feedback assessments, if desired.

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Our customers use elearnio successfully

Digital further development with elearnio at Finanzcheck.de

Rapid employee growth and the need for a flexible solution for employee onboarding and targeted employee development brought FFG Finanzcheck Finanzportale GmbH to elearnio's talent management software. Read more about the use of elearnio at Finanzcheck.de here.
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Profit from our expert knowledge as a specialist for digital 360° feedback

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