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Improved product acceptance through partner & customer training

Increase engagement and revenue with scalable and personalized partner and customer training.
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Why choose elearnio?

elearnio is the first choice for professional customer and partner training.

Integrate external parties on a large scale

Increased product knowledge

Measure and certify

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Integrate external parties on a large scale

Create courses with custom content to facilitate partner and customer onboarding and increase customer retention.
With multi-tenancy, you can create your own elearnio subaccounts, including individual addressing and custom branding, for external parties.

Increased product knowledge

Use customized learning paths and solid assessment tools to familiarize your partners and customers with your products and services.

Measure and certify

Track partner and customer activity in reports and create incentive systems with certifications and gamification.

Connect your partners and customers to your company with elearnio!

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Customers have confidence in us

Additional resources

Benefit from our expert knowledge as a specialist for sustainable development of your employees.

Focus on pre- and onboarding

This free eBook provides you with important components of sustainable preboarding and onboarding of new employees with numerous practical tips and practical checklists.

Onboarding Checklist

This checklist prepares you for the onboarding of new employees. Get valuable tips on the individual steps in employee onboarding. The checklist for successful onboarding!


Our blog contains exciting articles on successful preboarding, onboarding and training. We give you valuable tips on how to sustainably train your employees and develop your talent management in your company.
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